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f10a4782-bw-instaPhotosensualis as an entity, i.e. the photographic partnership of Williams & Russ/Photosensualis, has been in existence since 2003. We have worked as a photographic team since 1999. We are not ‘new to the business’. We both have a long history in photography, learning traditional film photographic techniques and darkroom craft. We have been posting our work online for several years at no charge. Perhaps that has been a mistake, because there is a risk that the effort that we put into our work, and the expense we incur, is perceived as insignificant. It is not. Although we enjoy our work immensely, it is not without effort or expense. We will continue to post work in select locations as we have in the past, but we would also appreciate your support. We have added some perks, including the possibility of getting a custom print or a unique polaroid. If you enjoy the posts, keep following us and consider making a pledge!

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Photograph of Melissa Troutt © Photosensualis

Monique Creates

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We are thankful for each other, and for the opportunities we are presented to make photographic art. We are thankful for the beauty of the natural world. We are thankful for our friends and families. We hope your day is full of love and peace and beauty. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


This photograph was made along the Merced River, Yosemite Vally, November 2016.

Memories of Melissa

Melissa Troutt at the Farmhouse, 2012


Hana Rose

From the archives, the timeless beauty of Hana Rose, from 2011.


Marvelous Monique

A few photos from our recent trip to the Florida coast.


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